Accessibility Statement
Making the GLOW site accessible to people with disabilities

The lighting chains group attaches great importance to adapting its website to surfers with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities, in the belief that all people should be afforded equal opportunity and accessibility.
The lighting networks group invested considerable resources in making the site accessible, in order to enable the majority of the population to access the service and information easily and conveniently, and to benefit from the services and content published there.


The accessibility process includes improvements of the following aspects:
▪ Simple and clear navigation within and between the pages of the site using only the keyboard
▪ Ability to change the font size on all pages of the site up to 200%, and continue navigating easily
▪ A clear view of the site's components
▪ Matching different browsers
▪ Adapt to work at different resolutions

▪ Reading the information displayed on the site on a screen reader for the blind and the visually impaired
▪ Ability to display colored pages that are accessible to the visually impaired and color blind, namely, clear text on dark background if necessary
▪ Accessibility of site forms in order to enable easy and simple use for people with disabilities
▪ A mechanism for bypassing blocks (repetitive fixed units such as menus, banners, etc.)


The website
The GLOW site follows the accessibility guidelines of the Israeli Standard 5568 and is accompanied by an accessibility authorized person from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.
This Israeli Standard is identical to the Guidelines for Internet Content Accessibility Guidelines (AA) of the International Organization for Standardization of the Internet.
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

We would like to point out that despite our efforts to make all the web pages accessible, specific parts on the site may still be inaccessible.


We continue to strive to improve our web accessibility as part of our commitment and desire to make it accessible to the general public, including people with disabilities.
We will be happy to help with any questions, requests for information and / or suggestions for improvement, through the Accessibility Coordinator.
For accessibility inquiries, please contact the Company's Accessibility Coordinator Sivan Avrahami:


MAIL: [email protected]