Mahsanei Teura, the leading and most advanced lighting chain in Israel, founded in 1998 by Neri and Itzik Haimov. The chain has 42 branches throughout Israel, from Eilat in the south to Kiryat Shmona in the north.
The chain currently plays a central role in the world of Israeli lighting, and its lighting solutions can be found in most homes in Israel.

The customer is always our top priority, and we make sure that our stores will have the products with the best prices, highest quality, and broadest selection. As we are both an importer and chain of stores for lighting products, we save on middleman expenses and make sure our customers benefit from this.
The chain currently numbers 42 branches from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona. The chain's stores are located in the leading shopping centers in Israel, they are roomy, air conditioned, and have abundant parking.
The lighting consultants at the stores are extremely professional and have a high service ethic. The store displays are diverse and broad with purchasing options for any size pocket. 

Company Vision

Mahsanei Teura offers its customers designer lighting that is innovative and professional, at the best prices.
The chain aims to create a new language of lighting, which places at its center the ambience and feeling created in the house, and which merges with the world of interior home design. The company has a green agenda and is known as a leader of the "LED revolution" in Israel, with energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs sold at the chain every year.
Mahsanei Teura invests great through into the experience of shopping and buying at our branches. The chain's branches are roomy, accessible, and have nearby parking.
The company's vision is to continue translating its operational power and its leadership of the Israeli market into value added and advantages that get passed on to the customer.

Quality, Innovation, and Responsibility

Mahsanei Teura invests great resources in providing lighting fixtures that meet international design and quality standards, and in adjusting them to Israeli tastes and budgets. Company representatives visit every important lighting show and have close ties with leading manufacturers.
There are few companies that consistently lead the Israeli market over many years, and there are only handfuls that push the market forward. For the decades of its operation, Mahsanei Teura has led international design trends and use of innovative and green lighting technologies, led by LED light bulbs. The company is committed to continue on this path in the coming years.
The lighting fixtures marketed by the company undergo meticulous quality testing and are approved by the Standards Institute of Israel. Based on our confidence in our products, Mahsanei Teura is the only company that offers a three-year warranty for chandeliers and our selection of lighting fixtures.


Mahsanei Teura represents a large number of international brands:

Show Rooms

Mahsanei Teura designs its branches throughout Israel based on an innovative concept that divides the store into spaces that simulate various home spaces. In the new show rooms, the customer can see how a light fixture fits in a certain home space and whether it creates a uniform design language with other selected fixtures.
The flagship store that has led this trend was opened on Halehi St. in Bnei Brak, and it covers some 1000 sq. m In the concept show rooms the customer can get an impression of a broad spectrum of design styles, raw materials, and functional and aesthetic solutions for use inside and outside the home.

Lighting Academy

In order to provide professional service to our customers, Mahsanei Teura operates a lighting academy where all chain lighting consultants routinely take in-service training courses. This provides them orientation within global trends along with the ability to listen to the personal needs of each customer.

The Logistical System

The company's offices and logistical center are located in Airport City, and stretch over some 6000 sq. m. The center is equipped with computer technologies and managed with innovative systems.